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Immediately after the operation, you will be awakened from the general anesthesia. You will be taken from the operating theatre into the recovery room and monitored for about 3 hours, after which you will be taken to your hospital room. Once you are back in your private hospital room, you will have round-the-clock care by registered nurses and staff.

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There is no need to have pain. You will be given as much pain medication as necessary both immediately after the operation and for the next 4-5 days. In some cases, you may have pain medication that you can control.

Taking pain medication will allow you to feel better, to walk, eat, and feel relatively normal. This allows you to heal faster.

You may have dressings, ice packs and drains. While you are in hospital, you will be encouraged to walk around. Walking makes you feel better. It helps the effects of the anesthesia wear off faster and gets your blood circulating.


The length of your stay in the hospital is determined by the procedure and by your own body's speed of recovery. A typical stay is 2-3 nights, but some patients prefer to stay one or 2 days longer until they feel strong and confident in moving about on their own.

Dr. Chartchai will be in to see you every day, and will authorize your discharge when he feels you are ready. He may or may not remove some stitches before you are discharged.


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